Investment Properties

Investment properties are a great source of income for people who are looking to find a strong rate of return on investment. Although long-term leasing has always been an option, many people are utilizing short-term rentals to maximize their income potential as you can achieve higher rental rates. The short-term rental market is thriving and bookings have exploded in areas like Los Angeles and Palm Springs, a draw for people in search of nice weather. With a lot of people permanently working from home due to Covid and others looking to get away from life as usual, this market continues to expand. Our real estate team is not only trained in finding one's primary residence but also in identifying the perfect investment property for short/long-term rentals. While we focus on bringing you the long-term rental rates, our partnership with Open Air Homes, a full service boutique short-term rental company allows us to obtain the most accurate rates on the short-term side.

The partnership between the two is seamless as once a property is identified by the OA Real Estate Group, Open Air Homes steps in to show you the potential short-term rental value along with a full design team standing by for any modifications that might need to be made to improve the income potential. Contact us today for a free consultation and let's explore your options.


  • Identify Budget
  • Identify Location/Neighborhood
  • Identify Potential Properties
  • Determine Estimated Monthly Operating Expenses
  • Run Income Analysis on Identified Properties
  • Review Short-Term Income Proposal from Open Air Homes
  • Review Long-Term Income Proposal From OA Real Estate Group
  • Select Property
  • Begin Purchase Process